My teaching generally covers moral and political philosophy, including their histories.

I will convene the third-year module Animals, Ethics, and Politics at Sheffield in 2020-21. This module explores the place of animals in moral and political theory.

At Queen’s, I convened Animals and Society, a module exploring human/animal relationships from a range of disciplinary perspectives. At York, I convened Theories of Justice (formerly Analytical Political Philosophy), an MA-level module in the Department of Politics exploring post-Rawlsian political philosophy. I co-convened Ethics and Public Policy, a third-year undergraduate module co-taught between the Department of Politics and the Department of Philosophy, as part of the School of Politics, Economics, and Philosophy, and Introduction to Political Theory, a large first-year module introducing students to key thinkers in the history of political thought. In Introduction to Political Theory, I delivered lectures on Rousseau, Mill/Taylor-Mill, Marx/Engels, Weber, Foucault, and Rawls.

In the 2017-18 year, I was part of a team that taught The Politics, Philosophy, and Economics of Social Choice, an MA module for PPE students. In this module, I taught on democratic theory. In 2018-19 year, I was part of the team that taught Topics in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, a compulsory module for first-year students of PPE.

I have supervised undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations in philosophy, political science, international relations, literature, and animal studies. Other modules on which I have had regular teaching commitments are Contemporary Political Philosophy (York), Political Theory in Practice (Sheffield), Philosophy and the Good Life (Queen’s Belfast), and Philosophy and Human Nature (Queen’s Belfast). I have supervised undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations (and other student research projects) at several institutions.