Teaching and supervision

At present, I am the Programme Lead in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics as well as Deputy Undergraduate Programmes Lead in the division of International Relations, Politics, and Philosophy at Loughborough University. In the academic year 2022-23, I co-convene the undergraduate module Contemporary Debates in Philosophy and teach on the undergraduate module Research Design.

My teaching generally covers moral and political philosophy, including their histories. During my career, I have convened or co-convened the following modules:

  • Animals and Society (Queen’s University, undergraduate)
  • Theories of Justice (formerly Analytical Political Philosophy, York, postgraduate)
  • Ethics and Public Policy (York, undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Political Theory (York, undergraduate)
  • Animals, Ethics, and Politics (Sheffield, undergraduate)

I have also had regular teaching commitments on the following modules:

  • Philosophy and the Good Life (Queen’s Belfast, undergraduate)
  • Philosophy and Human Nature (Queen’s Belfast, undergraduate)
  • The PPE of Social Choice (York, postgraduate)
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy (York, undergraduate)
  • Topics in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (York, undergraduate)
  • Political Theory in Practice (Sheffield, undergraduate)

I have supervised undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations (and other research projects) in philosophy, political science, international relations, literature, and animal studies at Queen’s, York, and Sheffield. I have also supervised PhD students working on topics relating to my research areas at both Sheffield and Loughborough. I am always happy to talk to prospective PhD students.