Just Fodder

My first book, Just Fodder: The Ethics of Feeding Animals, was published in 2022 by McGill-Queen’s University Press. The book explores a range of ethical dilemmas that are raised by human practices of feeding animals, and develops a novel theory of animal rights that pays close attention to the ways that human and animal lives are entangled.

You can read more about the book at the McGill-Queen’s University Press website, and you can see me presenting some of the ideas from the book here. You can find a discount code for the book in the image on this Tweet.

Ian Werkheiser interviewed me about the book for the Thought About Food podcast. You can listen to part 1 here and part 2 here. In addition, Siobhan O’Sullivan interviewed me about the book for Knowing Animals (you can listen to the episode here), and Kyle Johannsen interviewed me about the book for the New Books Network (you can listen to the episode here). I also spoke to the ethologist Marc Bekoff about Just Fodder for his ‘Animal Emotions’ column in Psychology Today; you can read that interview here.

Serrin Rutledge-Prior reviewed the book in Contemporary Political Theory; you can read the review here. A review by Kyle Johannsen is forthcoming in the Journal of Moral Philosophy; you can read it here. A review of the book by Garaleh Salahi was published by The Vegan Society here.

The book was the subject of a workshop at the University of Sheffield in 2022, with contributions from Clare Palmer, Angie Pepper, and Gary O’Brien. A symposium on the book, partially based on the workshop, is due to be published in the journal Food Ethics.