I have been the regular host of the animal studies podcast Knowing Animals since 2020. In addition, I regularly speak and write about my work (and current issues related to my work), and sometimes others write about my work outside of academic publications. Some media available online are listed below. For media directly about my published books, see my books page.

Podcasts and videos

Animals and the ethics of war –Dr Josh Milburn (video)

I deliver a keynote presentation at The Vegan Society’s Research Day (2022)

Panel 1: Animals in war (video)

I present with Sara Van Goozen on animals and the ethics of war (2022)

Josh Milburn animal rights AMA (audio)

I take part in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with the Animal Rights Advocate Discord server (2022)

Bloody hands, bloody claws: The ethics of wildlife rehabilitation (video)

I present at the Wild Animal Ethics conference, hosted by the University of St Andrews (2021)

Catholic Concern for Animals in Conversation with Dr Josh Milburn (video)

I speak with Catholic Concern for Animals about animals, liberalism, and activism for their In Conversation series (2021)

‘Animal activists don’t have to be on the political left’ – Josh Milburn (video/podcast)

Jamie Woodhouse and I talk about animal ethics, animal activism, and philosophy for the Sentientist Conversations series (2021)

Violent Analogies (paper presentation)

I present on animals and hate speech as part of a panel entitled Violent Analogies, hosted by the British Animal Studies Network (2021)

Future! Emerging Food Landscapes (panel)

I chair an interdisciplinary panel on the future of food, as part of the Food Is Our Common Language conference hosted by the Institute of Sustainable Food at the University of Sheffield (2021)

Episode 10: Josh Milburn on High-Tech Alternatives to Meat (podcast)

I speak with Ian Werkheiser about food ethics for the Thought About Food Podcast (2021)

Should we feed our pets a vegan diet? (video/podcast)

I talk to Katrien Devolder about the ethics of feeding companion animals as part of the Thinking Out Loud series at the University of Oxford (2021)

Animals as Drivers of Climate Change (panel)

I chair an interdisciplinary panel on climate change, hosted as part of the Animals, Climate Change and Global Health webinar series (2020)

The Future of Food (podcast)

I talk about my work on the future of food as part of the Off the Shelf series at the University of Sheffield (2020)

Episode 83: In Vitro Meat with Josh Milburn (podcast)

I discuss my work on in vitro meat with Siobhan O’Sullivan for an episode of Knowing Animals (2018)

Blogging and popular articles

Knowing Animals: Q&A with Josh Milburn (interview)

The Philosophers’ Magazine interviews me about my podcasting (2023)

Acceptance Of Cultivated Meat For Companion Animals (coverage of research)

Faunalytics profiles research I co-authored with Alice Oven and Basian Yoxon (2023)

De-Extinction Plan to Bring Back Dodo Could Have Bad Consequences (interview)

I speak to Newsweek about the ethics of de-extinction (2023)

What We Owe to Animals (popular article)

I write for Persuasion about liberalism and animal rights (2023)

Animals and the Ethics of War: A Call for an Inclusive Just War Theory (blog post)

Sara van Goozen and I make the case for including animals in the ethics of war for the Global Research Network (2022)

Zoopolitics – animal rights are a matter of justice (profile)

I’m profiled by Loughborough University Research and Innovation (2022)

Philosopher discusses cellular agriculture (interview)

I speak to Jon Hochschartner of Slaughter-Free America about cellular agriculture (2022)

Accounting for animal welfare in human conflict (coverage of research)

Trent Davidson covers my work on animals in war for Faunalytics (2022)

The best argument against veganism (blog post)

I blog about my work on the ethics of eating for the Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre (2021)

Real milk, no cows needed: Lab-made dairy products are now a reality (interview)

I speak to New Scientist about cultured milk (2021)

‘Woke’ university doctors call for new laws to protect animals from hate speech (coverage of research)

The Sun covers my work on hate speech, making a number of mistakes. Subsequent coverage/engagement included The Star, Jonathan Turley’s blog (widely republished, updated with a comment from me), The Western Journal, and Spectator Australia (2021)

Should animals be protected from hate speech? (coverage of research/interview)

Claire Hamlett discusses my work on hate speech (and interviews me) for Surge Activism (2021)

Should harmful stereotypes about chickens be criminalised? (coverage of research)

Michael Cook challenges my work on hate speech for Mercatornet (widely republished)

Is it wrong to feed my dog a vegan diet? (interview)

I am interviewed by Claire Hamlett about the ethics of pet food for Surge Activism (2021)

Hate speech and animals (blog post)

I blog about my work (with Alasdair Cochrane) on hate speech for the Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre (2021)

Is lab-grown meat good news for animals? (popular article)

I write about in vitro meat for The Conversation; widely reprinted, including in The Independent and Metro (2020)

Counting animals in war (blog post)

With Sara Van Goozen, I write about my research on animals and warfare for The Vegan Society; also published by the Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre (2020)

From veggie burgers to meatless sausages: EU votes on ban for meat alternative names (interview)

I am interviewed by Ilham Oukhiar about meat alternatives for SvJ International Journalism (2020)

Veganism and COVID-19? (blog post)

I blog about the links between veganism and COVID-19 for The Vegan Society (2020)

Dairy without the cow? (coverage of research)
Antonia Shann covers my work on clean dairy for Faunalytics (2020)

How should vegans respond to in vitro meat? (blog post)

I blog for The Vegan Society about in vitro meat (2019)

Veganism deserves the same protection against discrimination as religion, say philosophers (interview)

I am interviewed by Olivia Goldhill about the rights of vegans for Quartz (2018)

Hundreds going vegan in month of March (interview)

I am interviewed by Steph Crosier about veganism for The Kingston Whig-Standard (2017)

Montreal’s breed specific legislation is bad for dogs and bad for humans (popular article)

I write about breed specific legislation for The Queen’s Journal (2016)